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If you suffer from eczema(atopic Dermatitis) you know the discomfort and frustration of very dry, itchy and inflamed skin. whilst eczema can look different on each person diagnosed with with condition, we can all agree its unappealing!

Symptoms of eczema can show up anywhere on your skin, most commonly hands, Neck, Elbows, ankles, knees ,feet and face. Even though eczema doesn't usually cause pain, if you scratch your skin because of the itchiness, you can break the surface of the skin and create a sore which can be painful and sting a little. 

If you are one of the 31% of the population  who suffer from eczema it is important to build a smart Skin-Care routine to manage symptoms. 


Start with a gentle cleanser that does not strip the skin of its natural oils. Everyday with S|kay Rose Gentle Cleanser  has a variety of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that are fantastic for tackling dry skin. It also offers astringent properties, making it an excellent combatant of acne, Eczema, redness, and inflammation.


Dry skin needs Hydration! So if you suffer from eczema its important to find hydrating products that do not aggravate the skin. avoiding products that contain fragrances is essential as it can cause further flare ups and  irritate the skin. Hyaluronic rich Serums, creams and lotions are an effective way to improve the symptoms of mild to moderate eczema. Hyaluronic acid can help increase moisture levels in the skin, therefore alleviating the dryness caused by eczema. Arabia's Secret Hydration serum is jam packed with essential antioxidants and naturally derived Hyaluronic acid making it a skincare favourite for eczema, dry sensitive skin.

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