Arabia's Secret

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Arabia's Secret

Discover the essence of Arabian beauty with S|Kay Skincare. Our curated products inspired by Arabian remedies include a dual-action face mask/scrub, for deep cleansing and a hydrating serum for facial rejuvenation. Unveil the secret to youthful and healthy complexion with S|Kay's blend of tradition and innovation

Everyday With S|Kay Rose collection

For Centuries Rose has been a cherished ingredient amongst Arabian women. Legend has it, that even the infamous Cleopatra soaked her skin and bathed in rose. Revered for its intoxicatingly beautiful aroma which is light and uplifting, rose has the ability to soothe tired skin. S|Kay's Rose collection is gentle and calming to the skin and is best for nurturing stressed and tired skin back to health.

S|Kay For him

Embark on a skincare journey with S|Kay's exclusively formulated products, clinically approved and dermatologically tested to cater to men's skincare needs. Our potent, yet straightforward routine draws inspiration from time-tested Arabian remedies, seamlessly blending tradition with science.